Head of ECLC

Welcome to ECLC!

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the ECLC website. I hope you find it informative and helpful – as well as giving you a glimpse of the quality program we offer our youngest learners.

We provide a dynamic and exciting program where children are encouraged and guided to reach their full potential. Parental support and involvement is critical to the success of ECLC and this website is one way to strengthen that bond.

At ECLC we endeavor to provide all students with a fun, engaging and holistic learning environment where they feel safe, respected and loved. Our teachers put children at the center of the program – offering experiences and activities that encourage and promote every child’s social, emotional, cognitive, language and physical development.

Concha Hernandez
Head of ECLC
Early Childhood Learning Center

We understand that children grow and develop at their own pace. Classroom instruction is differentiated to allow all children to be challenged while feeling successful in all aspects of the program – regardless of their stage of development. We view a child’s individual developmental level as moving along a continuum and we recognize that movement is not always smooth or predictable. Simply put, the needs and abilities of each child is the primary factor that guides the program.

ECLC specializes in the support of children who have English as an additional language by providing a synthetic phonics program which teaches explicitly the letter patterns, sounds and phonology that underpin the English language. Where necessary we also provide small group instruction to support English second language learners. At ECLC English second language learners are immersed in a positive and rich learning environment where all instruction is in English.

We know that language acquisition occurs best when children are exposed to new vocabulary over time, which is why we follow the International Primary Curriculum units of inquiry, which serve to reinforce vocabulary and help children to link their learning to meaningful experiences.

Our world is becoming increasingly complex and changes are occurring more and more rapidly, ECLC strives to create an environment that provides a calm and secure place where each child’s uniqueness is celebrated.

Should you be looking for a well-established and nurturing Early Childhood program that has been in existence since 1969, please feel free to stop by or make an appointment for a tour. We are very proud of ECLC and would be happy to show you what we have to offer.


The Purpose of ECLC is to meet the Early Childhood educational needs of young children in an English speaking environment in Korea.


To be recognized and respected as a leading educational organization in Asia by developing global citizens, providing an outstanding international education and preparing the child for transition to the next stage of their life.


At ECLC we focus on instilling a set of core values to ensure success in the future of each child.

  • International Mindedness
  • Life Long Learning
  • Global Citizens